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Aggressive fill paragraph

An emacs minor-mode for keeping paragraphs filled in both comments and prose.

Each time a space is inserted the current paragraph is refilled.

C-q space or just-one-space (usually bound to M-space) can be used to insert a space without filling the paragraph.

Some special behaviour is implemented in a few major modes where the default fill-paragraph behaviour would not work well, for example when code would be filled as well as comments.


Make sure that the file aggressive-fill-paragraph.el is loaded, then call


to enable the minor mode in all places where it might be useful. Alternatively use

(add-hook '[major-mode-hook] #'aggressive-fill-paragraph-mode)

to enable aggressive-fill-paragraph-mode only in specified major modes.

Compatability with new major modes

There seems to be little consensus between different major modes on what exactly fill-paragraph should fill. For example some programming modes stick to filling commments, while others attempt to fill other things such as code and strings.

Typically automatic filling of code paragraphs is not very helpful, so we want to disable it. For simple cases where the standard emacs comment filling behaviour (as implemented in fill-comment-paragraph) suffices this can be done by simply adding the major mode to afp-fill-comments-only-mode-list, e.g.

(add-to-list 'afp-fill-comments-only-mode-list 'python-mode)

Please submit a bug report or pull request if you find a mode that should be in this list by default.

More complex cases will probably require modifications to aggressive-fill-paragraph.el.