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Yasnippets for AngularJS.


I highly recommend installing angular-snippets through elpa.

It's available on marmalade and melpa:

M-x package-install angular-snippets

You can also install the dependencies on your own, and just dump angular-snippets in your path somewhere:


Right now there's only snippets for html-mode (mirrored into web-mode) for the ng-* attribute directives. They all expand from ng.

Something slightly cool is that you get a short message with docs when you expand a directive. You can also use ng-snip-show-docs-at-point to show documentation for the closest ng-* directive. I have it on C-c C-d. Pressing it again within 10 seconds opens the relevant documentation in your browser.


Well, you'll have to require it. You'll also need yasnippets of course (sorry about the insult if that wasn't obvious, but dude, you had it coming).

(require 'angular-snippets)

I would also recommend adding ng-snip-show-docs-at-point to get that nice documentation lookup thingie. Maybe something along the lines of:

(eval-after-load "sgml-mode"
  '(define-key html-mode-map (kbd "C-c C-d") 'ng-snip-show-docs-at-point))


The sky is the limit. There is lots room in AngularJS for awesome tooling support, but this package isn't that. Not yet, at least. I'm adding to it as I go along. Join me if you want.


Copyright (C) 2013 Magnar Sveen

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