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ant-el: Emacs things for ant

By Andrew Gwozdziewycz, licensed under the GNU GPLv3

This is a few helpers for using compilation mode in Emacs with ant.


If your ant is in a nonstandard location, (setq ant-command "/path/to/ant -emacs")

If your build doesn't use “build.xml”, you'll need to end ant-command with -buildfile or -file and also do (setq ant-build-file-name "somethingelse.xml") so that the automated project root discovery works correctly.


Put ant.el in your load-path and add (require 'ant) to your .emacs


The basic operation is to invoke M-x ant, which will ask you for a task to perform, using a completing read based on the defined targets in your build file.

M-x ant-last will re-issue the last command

M-x ant-compile will run the standard ant compile

M-x ant-clean will run the standard ant clean

M-x ant-test will run the standard ant test

ant can be called non-interactively too, in which case it's called as such: (ant "sometask"). This means that you can can define your own functions like ant-compile for your projects:

(defun ant-compile-full ()
    (ant "compile_full"))

M-x ant-kill-cache kills the internal cache used to speed up the auto-completion of ant tasks in the mini-buffer.