git clone 'git://'

anything-git-files.el — anything for git files

M-x anything-git-files



Manual Install

  1. Install dependent package anything.el
  2. Locate anything-git-files.el in your load path

Install by MELPA

  1. Type M-x package-install RET anything-git-files RET.

Install by el-get

  1. Save the lines below as anything-git-files.rcp in your recipe directory
  2. Type M-x el-get RET anything-git-files RET
(:name anything-git-files
       :type github
       :pkgname "tarao/anything-git-files-el"
       :depends anything)


Load anything-git-files.el in your ~/.emacs or ~/emacs.d/init.el: lisp (require 'anything-git-files)

Then, M-x anything-git-files will list the files in a git repository. Note that M-x anything-git-files will fail when the file of the current buffer is not in a git repository.


Hack the anything sources

The anything sources to get files in a git repository are anything-git-files:modified-source, anything-git-files:untracked-source and anything-git-files:all-source.

The list of anything sources for submodules can be retrieved by function anything-git-files:submodule-sources. The function takes one argument, which is a list of symbols of source type, modified, untracked or all. For example, (anything-git-files:submodule-sources '(untracked all) returns anything sources for untracked files and all files in the git repository of the submodules.

The following example defines a custom anything function to list files from several sources, including ones from anything-git-files.el. lisp (defun tarao/anything-for-files () (interactive) (require 'anything-config) (require 'anything-git-files) (let* ((git-source (and (anything-git-files:git-p) `(anything-git-files:modified-source anything-git-files:untracked-source anything-git-files:all-source ,@(anything-git-files:submodule-sources 'all)))) (other-source '(anything-c-source-recentf anything-c-source-bookmarks anything-c-source-files-in-current-dir+ anything-c-source-locate)) (sources `(anything-c-source-buffers+ anything-c-source-ffap-line anything-c-source-ffap-guesser ,@git-source ,@other-source))) (anything-other-buffer sources "*anything for files*")))

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