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BBCode Mode

This project adds support for writing Bulletin Board Code in GNU Emacs. To use the mode all you need to do is place the file in your load-path and then add (require 'bbcode-mode) to your Emacs configuration file.

When sending bug reports please include the value of bbcode-mode-version-number and, if you have cloned the official Git repository, the commit hash of the version you are using.

There are other modes for BBCode already out there, so if you do not find this mode to you liking then you may prefer the ones by Jason McBrayer and Xah Lee.

Supported Tags

Below is a list of all the tags BBCode Mode supports. It also lists the key-bindings to insert those tags. If you have a selected region then BBCode Mode will wrap the tag around the region.

Each key-binding has three parts. They all begin with C-c. The second part indicates the ‘group’ to which the binding belongs. And the third part is a single letter named after the actual tag. Each section below provides a mnemonic to help remember the second part.

Common Tags

Key-bindings for common tags begin with C-c C-t.

Mnemonic: Tag

Font Tags

Key-bindings related to font tags begin with C-c C-f.

Mnemonic: Font

List Tags

Key-bindings for list tags begin with C-c C-l.

Mnemonic: List

Table Tags

Mnemonic: Table

Key-bindings for table tags begin with C-c C-b.

Special Tags

These are tags which are uncommon in BBCode and may even be unique to specific websites. These key-bindings all begin with C-c C-s.

Mnemonic: Secial



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