git clone 'git://'

BBDB vCard

bbdb-vcard.el imports and exports vCards (version 3.0) as defined in RFC 2425 and RFC 2426 to/from The Insidious Big Brother Database (BBDB). Version 2.1 vCards are converted into version 3.0 on import.

This version only supports BBDB 3.x and requires Emacs 24.3 or higher.

For full documentation, refer to the included Info docs.


On a file, a buffer or a region containing one or more vCards, use bbdb-vcard-import-file, bbdb-vcard-import-buffer, or bbdb-vcard-import-region respectively to import them into BBDB.

In the BBDB buffer, press v to export the record under point. Press * v to export all records in buffer into one vCard file. Press * C-u v to export them into one file each.

To put one or all vCard(s) into the kill ring, press V or * V respectively.

vCard Media Objects

The importer stores inline base64-encoded images, sounds, and cryptographic keys to the local disk under the bbdb-vcard-directory directory. The relative filenames for these objects are stored in the following BBDB xfields, respectively:

If the variable bbdb-image is uncustomized when bbdb-vcard is initialized, it will be set to bbdb-vcard-image-basename. This will allow to BBDB to locate images when displaying records.



If you install using package.el, dependencies should be taken care of automatically. Otherwise, BBDB 3 and cl-lib are required.

Installing with package.el

The development version is available on Melpa. Assuming you have added Melpa as a package source, the following command will install bbdb-vcard (and its dependencies).

M-x package-install RET bbdb-vcard RET

Installing from Source

First, checkout the repository: sh git clone git://

Use the included Makefile to compile and install the package. By default bbdb-vcard is installed in /usr/local/share/emacs/site-lisp/bbdb-vcard, You can alter the install location by passing the PREFIX parameter to make. The choice of Emacs for byte-code compilation can be overrided by passing the EMACS parameter.

make install

Then add the following code to your init file. if you installed bbdb-vcard in a non-standard location. You may need to modify your load-path accordingly.

(require 'bbdb-vcard)