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Better Defaults for Emacs

There are a number of unfortunate facts about the way Emacs works out of the box. While all users will eventually need to learn to write Emacs Lisp in order to customize it to their particular tastes, this package attempts to address the most obvious of deficiencies in uncontroversial ways that nearly everyone can agree upon.

Why not just fix Emacs? Suggesting a change to the defaults of Emacs usually results in a long thread in which people who have been using Emacs for decades loudly complain about how the change would be disruptive to their habits and how it's just one line for people to get the improved behaviour in their own config files. While I would love to see each of these changes become part of Emacs, I don't hold a lot of hope for it.

Obviously there are many further tweaks you could do to improve Emacs, (like those the Starter Kit and similar packages) but this package focuses a few changes that have near-universal appeal, lovingly hand-selected by inhabitants of the #emacs channel on Freenode. The approach of the Starter Kit and co. is problematic in that when users add in a big pile of unrelated functionality it's difficult to debug when it goes wrong, and it's hard to tell where a specific piece of functionality came from if it turns out to be undesired.

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