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What is CharMap?

CharMap is unicode table viewer for Emacs. With CharMap you can see the unicode table based on The Unicode Standard 6.2.

You can install CharMap via

How to use?

CharMap is really simple to use. Just execute a command ‘M-x charmap’ to display a unicode block that you want to see.

To see all unicode blocks, try to M-x charmap-all but the entire blocks are so huge to display and it takes a little time.

alt text


Here are customizable variables.

(defcustom charmap-text-scale-adjust 4
  "Text scale."
  :type 'integer
  :group 'charmap)

(defface charmap-face '((t (:family "dejavu sans" :weight normal :slant normal :underline nil)))
  "Font lock face used to *charmap* buffer."
  :group 'charmap)