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THIS PROJECT IS IN ACTIVE DEVELOPMENT. It's not ready for general use but will be soon.

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Get visibility on CIDER nREPL sessions and help developers in teams to share information.

Use CIDER-SPY to send code snippets and text exchanges to each other etc, as well as EMACS bookmarks.

See a recent screencast.



You need the CIDER-SPY-NREPL middleware. See installation instructions there.

Basic configuration

It's available on melpa:

M-x package-install cider-spy

You can also install the dependencies on your own, and just dump clj-refactor in your path somewhere:


(require 'cider-spy)

All actions in CIDER-SPY are triggered from the CIDER-SPY summary page. To access the summary page:

M-x cider-spy-summary

It can be useful to setup a global binding for the summary page for frequent access, such as C-c C-s.

Configuration for the HUB

If you want the developer interactivity behavours then you need a run a CIDER-SPY-HUB. See the documentation for how to set one up.

Give yourself an alias on the hub:

(setq cider-spy-hub-alias "my-alias")

Keyboard Shortcuts

These shortcuts are available on the CIDER-SPY summary buffer:

Keyboard shortcut | Description ————————————-|——————————- g| Refresh the *cider-spy* buffer. r| Reset the tracking data underpinning the *cider-spy* buffer. n| Goto to next section. p| Goto to previous section. a| Set CIDER-SPY-HUB alias. s| Send message to another dev (when cursor is on a dev). d| Disconnect from the CIDER-SPY-HUB. RETURN| Visit section. TAB| Toggle section visibility.

Keyboard Shortcuts

These shortcuts are available on the CIDER-SPY-MSG buffer:

Keyboard shortcut | Description ————————————-|——————————- C-c C-b| Choose and send bookmark to developer.


This originally started life as a tool to help users learn about their own REPL behavour, and to function as an uber smart project navigation tool.

Since then it's morphed into being a tool to help developers share information. I.e. to ping code to each other and see where colleagues are.

Cider Spy Menu


Thanks to Magnars because unknown to him I used a lot of magit patterns and copied the clj-refactor build setup. The CIDER team also as it's a great tool and the support is terrific.


Copyright © 2014 Jon Pither

Distributed under the GNU General Public License, version 3