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This is a small attempt at cloc integration for Emacs. The functionality is exposed through two functions: cloc, an interactive function which performs a search through all buffers whose filepaths match the given regex (or the current buffer, as desired), and counts lines of code in them. It also exposes cloc-get-results-as-plists, a non-interactive function which does the same thing, but parses and organizes it all into a list of plists for easier analysis.

cloc will search over all buffers, including those which do not visit files, and tramp buffers, but if the buffer is not visiting a file (and therefore does not have a pathname), cloc will only be able to match the regex to the buffer's buffer-name.

Example searches include:


;; do this only once ever
(package-install 'cloc)
;; put this in your .emacs init file
(require 'cloc)



cloc example usage