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comment-dwim-2 is a replacement for the Emacs' built-in command comment-dwim which includes more comment features, including:

As its name suggests, comment-dwim-2 picks one behavior depending on the context but contrary to comment-dwim can also be repeated several times to switch between the different behaviors.


comment-dwim-2 repeated 3 times:

general behavior of comment-dwim-2

How to use

comment-dwim-2 is not bound to any key, so you need to set up you own keybinding first. For instance:

(global-set-key (kbd "M-;") 'comment-dwim-2)


This package can be installed from MELPA.

Detailed use cases

Commenting/uncommenting the region

commenting/uncommenting the region with comment-dwim-2

Commenting current line

commenting current line with comment-dwim-2

Uncommenting current line

uncommenting current line with comment-dwim-2

Insert comment (repeated twice)

inserting comment with comment-dwim-2

Kill comment (repeated twice)

killing comment with comment-dwim-2

Reindent comment (called with a prefix argument)

reindenting comment with comment-dwim-2


An alternative behavior closer to what comment-dwim does is available. To use it, add this to your init file:

(setq comment-dwim-2--inline-comment-behavior 'reindent-comment)

It basically swaps the killing and reindenting behavior, which means that repeating comment-dwim-2 will by default reindent the comment instead of killing it, and that calling comment-dwim-2 with a prefix argument will kill the comment instead of reindenting it.