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Cryptol Major Mode for Emacs

This package provides an Emacs major mode for Cryptol - a DSL for writing cryptographic code. From the homepage:

Cryptol is a domain-specific language (DSL) and tool suite that simplifies the specification of a cryptographic algorithm and then compiles the specification into VHDL… Cryptol is fully executable, allowing designers to experiment with their programs incrementally as their designs evolve. Cryptol compilers can generate C, C++, and Haskell software implementations, and VHDL or Verilog HDL hardware implementations… In addition to generating implementations of cryptographic algorithms, Cryptol tools can verify the faithfulness of an implementation to a reference specification, at each stage of the toolchain.


There are three ways of installing this package:

Emacs v24 has package.el preinstalled. You will need to configure the mentioned repositories yourself (refer to the homepages.) If you're not using Emacs v24 yet, then you can still install manually.

Installation via Marmalade/MELPA

If you've configured your repositories, you need to decide what you want:

If you've configure marmalade, then installation is as easy as M-x package-install RET cryptol-mode. The same is true for MELPA.

If you're using marmalde and MELPA, then MELPA's build will override the stable version. You can exclude MELPA's cryptol-mode using melpa.el, by setting your package-archive-exclude-alist to include ("melpa" . cryptol-mode).

Manual installation

Even if you don't use package.el, installation is pretty simple. Just put cryptol-mode.el somewhere on your load-path and then add:

(require 'cryptol-mode)

to your .emacs. You're done.

Supported versions

cryptol-mode supports Cryptol 1 (tested with 1.8.27-1) and Cryptol 2 (tested with 2.0.0). The academic and evaluation versions of Cryptol 1 (1.8.23, 1.8.25) should work but may have other bugs.


Open up any .cry file to get dropped into cryptol-mode automatically. Cryptol batch files (.scr extension) are also supported. Literate files are not yet supported.

Currently supported functionality is:

This will expect the cryptol executable to be in your $PATH. You can customize this (and various other aspects of the mode) by executing M-x customize-group RET cryptol-mode RET.

Join in

Be sure to read the contributing guidelines. File bugs in the GitHub issue tracker.

Master git repository:

There's also a BitBucket mirror:


See AUTHORS.txt.


GPLv3 or later. See LICENSE.txt for terms of copyright and redistribution.