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cucumber-goto-step.el is a simple helper package that navigates from a step in a feature file to the step definition. While this functionality exists in cucumber.el is requires external tools. This package allows the user to go directly to the step definition without the use of any external tools. It does this by finding the project root then searching “/features/*/_steps.rb” for potentially matching candidates. It relies on pcre2el to convert perl style regular expressions to Emacs regular expressions. The easiest way to install cucumber-goto-step.el is to use a package manager. To install it manually simply add it to your load path then require it.

(add-to-list 'load-path "/path/to/ack-and-a-half")
(require 'ack-and-a-half)

Once installed cucumber-goto-step can be invoked using:

M-x jump-to-cucumber-step

There are a few variables you may wish to customize depending on your environment. To do this enter:

 M-x customize-group cucumber-goto-step

These variables include: - cgs-root-markers: a list of files/directories that are found at the root of your project. - cgs-step-search-path: a file global that cucumber-goto-step will search for step files. This defaults to “/features/*/_steps.rb”. - cgs-find-project-functions: a list of functions used to locate the project root. A default function is provided however you may optionally override this is you have any special requirements.

Current limitations: