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When making demonstrations of new products, technologies and other geekery, I love the versatility of using Emacs to demonstrate the trifecta of sprint reviews:

However, I don't want to fat-finger, mentally burp, or even delay gratification for my audience while I laboriously type, so I predefine each “step” as an Elisp function, and then have demo-it execute each function when I hit the F6 key.

Click the following for a quicker example:

Example and Demonstration

Using this project is a three step process:

  1. Load the library in your own Elisp source code file
  2. Create a collection of functions that “do things”.
  3. Call the demo-it-start function with the ordered list of functions.

For instance:

(load-library "demo-it")   ;; Load this library of functions

;; Define the first of many steps that do things.
(defun my-demo/step-1 ()
  (demo/org-presentation "~/presentations/emacs-demo/"))

(defun my-demo/step-2 ()
  (demo-it-load-side-window "~/Work/my-proj/src/")

;; Wrap the collection of functions in another function...
(defun my-demo ()
   "My fabulous demonstration."
   (demo-start (list
                   ;; ...

(my-demo) ;; Optionally start the demo when file is loaded.

Each “step” is an Elisp functions that does something like load some source code, or show off an org-mode file as a presentation. While this package has a collection of helping functions, the steps can use any Elisp command to show off a feature.

For a more complete example, see example.el.

I recommend installing these other Emacs packages: