git clone 'git://github.com/juan-leon/dired-efap.git'


dired-efap.el allows the user to edit the filename at point, by hitting a key (like f2) or double-clicking it. The name is edited in the dired buffer, and the renaming takes effect when the user hits the RET key. Only the name of the file at point is tangible and editable, and it uses an special font.

This package provides a similar user interface to renaming files to the interface used by some graphical file managers (or “explorers”, however they are called).


Add dired-efap.el to your load-path and this line to your config file:

(require 'dired-efap)
(define-key dired-mode-map [f2] 'dired-efap)
;;; Only if you want to control rename with the mouse...
(define-key dired-mode-map [down-mouse-1] 'dired-efap-click)


To edit a name you can hit f2 (or the mapping of your choosing) or double-click over it. Pressing RET the file is actually renamed. C-g aborts.


The behavior of the mouse can be customized. There are three options: double-click to edit, click once in the file where the cursor is (this includes double-click, because the first click moves the cursor) and disallow the use of the mouse to edit names. See and customize the variable `dired-efap-use-mouse' to change the default behavior.

You can customize also the face of the name being edited. This face is called dired-efap-face. Default face inherits from your default face, with a box around it.

See also variable dired-efap-initial-filename-selection, if you want to control what part of the filename will be initially selected.

Type M-x customize-group RET dired-efap if you want make changes to the default behavior.


Ideas, bug reports, patches, etc. are most welcomed