git clone 'git://github.com/aki2o/e2wm-term.git'


What's this?

This is a extension of Emacs that is a perspective of e2wm.el for work in terminal.




If use package.el

2014/10/09 It's available by using melpa.

If use el-get.el

2014/10/09 It's available. But, master branch only.

If use auto-install.el

(auto-install-from-url "https://raw.github.com/aki2o/e2wm-term/master/e2wm-term.el")


Download e2wm-term.el and put it on your load-path.
- In this case, you need to install each of the following dependency.




(require 'e2wm-term)

Choice default backend

Backend means a kind of feature as terminal shown in main window.
When this perspective is started at first, e2wm-term:default-backend is used ('shell in default).
For check available backend, do M-x e2wm-term:show-backends.
For the detail, do M-x e2wm-term:describe-backend.

Define key to invoke command

In default, the keystroke is C-RET.
If you want to change it, add key to e2wm-term:input-mode-map like the following.

 '(("C-m" . e2wm-term:input-invoke-command)
   ) e2wm:prefix-key)

Guess help command

this perspective handles the command to show a help by the value of e2wm-term:help-guess-command.
- It's t … always put the result into help window without the invocation in main window. - It's ask (default) … ask whether to put the result into help window. - It's nil … always invoke the command in main window.

Also, e2wm-term:help-guess-regexp is used for a judgment of whether the command is a help command.
In default, the value matches the command includes “help” as a word like “git help status”.

Also, the command includes “–help” option always is handled as a help command.

Show current command help

While user input a command string in input window, a help of the active command is shown in help window automatically by e2wm-term:command-helper.

Current work directory

A header of input window shows a current work directory of self.
A update of it is done by e2wm-term:command-cwd-checker / e2wm-term:command-cwd-updaters.


For pager configuration in main window, use e2wm-term:command-pager / e2wm-term:command-pager-variables.
Values of environment variables of e2wm-term:command-pager-variables are replaced with e2wm-term:command-pager at a start of thie perspective.


For check all config items, do M-x customize-group “e2wm-term”.


Start perspective

M-x e2wm-term:dp or M-x e2wm:pst-change-command then select term.

Input and invoke command

Input a invoked command string without a escape of linefeed even if it's multiline.
Then, push the key bound to e2wm-term:input-invoke-command.

Control terminal window

A terminal of active backend is shown in main window.
You are able to control the terminal in input window by the same key as the terminal key map.
For example, comint-interrupt-subjob runs in main window by pushing C-c C-c in input window.
- However, the e2wm-term:input-mode-map keys are excepted

Access history window

You are able to access command histories by the following keys.
prefix means e2wm:prefix-key.
- e2wm-term:history-move-previous ( C-c C-p / prefix p ) … move to a previous history - e2wm-term:history-move-next ( C-c C-n / prefix n ) … move to a next history - e2wm-term:input-history-previous ( M-p ) … move to a previous history and past that into input window - e2wm-term:input-history-next ( M-n ) … move to a next history and past that into input window - e2wm-term:history-send-pt-point ( prefix i ) … yank a current history - e2wm-term:history-grep ( prefix g ) … grep histories - e2wm-term:history-show-all ( prefix a ) … show all histories ( for turn back from grep )

Control help window

e2wm-term:help-mode, which is a major mode for help window, inherits view-mode.
Then, for quit from help window, push q.
Also, there are the following keys to control a help window.
- e2wm-term:dp-help-toggle-command ( prefix h ) … toggle on/off of display of a help window - e2wm-term:dp-help-maximize-toggle-command ( prefix H ) … toggle on/off of maximized of a help window

Select terminal buffer

When the buffer of active backend is plural, you are able to select them by e2wm-term:dp-select-main-buffer ( prefix t ).

Add backend

use e2wm-term:regist-backend.



In general, terminal uses a interactive program like “less” command as the pager program which is used for a browse of long results of command.
But, such interactive program can not be controled from input window.
So, this perspective uses “cat” command, which is not a interactive program, as pager in default.
About that configuration, see “Pager” section in “Configuration” above.

Command termination in multiline

A command termination, ( e.g. “;” in /bin/sh ), can be skipped in terminal like the following.

~$ for e in `ls`
> do
> echo $e
> done

But, you have to input command with a command termination in input window like the following.

for e in `ls`;
echo $e;

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