git clone 'git://github.com/ScottyB/edebug-x.git'

Edebug-X – Extensions for Edebug

Extensions to Edebug to make it a little nicer to work with. Provides highlighting for breakpoints, instrumented functions and current line of debugger. Also provides a couple of commands to list current breakpoints and instrumented functions.

Edebug-x highlights

This package provides the following functions: edebug-x-modify-breakpoint-wrapper - toggle breakpoints in Elisp buffer, C-x SPC When called with a prefix argument a conditional breakpoint is set edebug-x-show-breakpoints - show a tabulated list of all breakpoints, C-c C-x b edebug-x-show-instrumented - show a tabulated list of instrumented functions, C-c C-x i edebug-x-show-data - show both the breakpoints and instrumented functions buffer, C-c C-x s

From the tabulated list buffer the following commands are available: edebug-x-kill-breakpoint - bound to K, clear breakpoint edebug-x-visit-breakpoint - bound to RET, visit breakpoint location

The instrumented functions buffer has these commands: edebug-x-evaluate-function - bound to E, evaluate function, clearing breakpoints within it edebug-x-find-function bound to - bound to RET, jump to function

Executing Q after edebug-x-show-data will remove both buffers and remove the split.