git clone 'git://github.com/millejoh/ein-mumamo.git'


This package provides support for Multiple Major Mode (MuMaMo) in the Emacs IPython Notebook project.

MuMaMo is part of the nxhtml project, which hasn't seen any updates in a long time. Unfortunately I cannot guarantee this code will continue to work in later version of Emacs, but at the moment it seems to work fine with Emacs 24.3 with this fix

More documentation on this feature can be found in the documentation for ein.


ein-mumamo depends on parts of nxhtml, so you will need to install nxhtml manually, as it is not currently availabe in MELPA. It may be possible to install via el-get, though I have not tested this method. I have succesfully install nxhtml from github and after adding nxhtml/util to my emacs load path have been able to get MuMaMo support in ein functional.

Both ein and ein-mumamo are available in MELPA, and this is the preferred way to install these pacakges. Otherwise you will need to download both from Github (ein and ein-mumamo).

Make sure both ein and ein-mumamo are in your load path, then add

(require 'ein-mumamo)

to your emacs init file. Note that there are many other customizations you can make to ein, see the full documentation for details.