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Table of Contents

What emacsshot is

Program emacsshot provides two functions to take a screenshot of Emacs from within Emacs.


With the default settings M-x emacsshot-snap-frame creates file ‘~/emacsshot.png’ which is a snapshot of the current Emacs-frame.

Further M-x emacsshot-snap-window creates file ‘~/emacsshot.png’ which is a snapshot of the current Emacs-window.

The filenames are configurable. Hint: M-x customize-group emacsshot.

It's also possible to add a timestamp to the filename as postfix. See M-x customize-variable emacsshot-with-timestamp.

It might be a good idea to bind the functions to a key. This can make the usage more convenient. Further the binding is a way to avoid images which contain the command that has been used to create the image e.g. “M-x emacsshot-snap-frame” in the mode-line. Beware of the heisenshot!

Concretely the print-key could trigger the shot. Evaluation of

(global-set-key [print] 'emacsshot-snap-frame)

yields this behavior.

Or evaluate

(global-set-key [print]
 (lambda (&optional current-window)
  (interactive "P")
  (if current-window (emacsshot-snap-window)

to be able to snap the frame by pressing the print-key and to snap the current window by prefixing the keypress with C-u.

Note that emacsshot currently trys to overwrite any existing file with the target name without asking.


Emacs Package

When emacsshot has been installed as elpa-package img then the functions are available without need of further action.

More direct

Activate this program by loading it into Emacs and evaluate it with M-x eval-buffer.

Automatically activate this program at Emacs start by adding the lines

(add-to-list 'load-path "/...path to this program...")
(require 'emacsshot)

to your .emacs or whatever you use for Emacs intitialization.


convert actually creates the snapshots.


Lentic Literate Style

This program is written in emacs lisp in lentic style based on the ‘lentic’ package img.

This means the that this file can be regarded just as an emacs lisp file. But actually this file contains extra comments which allow the interpretation of the file as Org file. Lentic-mode makes it easy to write this style.

A possible initialization of lentic is this:


Find more about lentic at img.

Ideas, Contributions, Bugs

Contributions, ideas and bug-reports are welcome.

Please use the infrastructure of github for communication. See https://github.com/marcowahl/emacsshot/issues.


There is elpa-package ‘screenshot’ which allows to pick windows with the mouse, even windows from non-Emacs (!) programs. See http://melpa.org/#/screenshot. BTW ‘screenshot’ has even more!

emacsshot only takes images of Emacs.


201501071941 New function to take snapshot of a window
201505162319 Optionally add timestamp to save-filename