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This library provides the function ert-deftest-async, which works just like ert-deftest, except that it works for async tests.


Add ert-async to your Cask file:

(depends-on "ert-async")

Add this to get font locking for ert-deftest-async:

(remove-hook 'emacs-lisp-mode-hook 'ert--activate-font-lock-keywords)
(add-hook 'emacs-lisp-mode-hook 'ert-async-activate-font-lock-keywords)


The function ert-deftest-async works just like ert-deftest, except that the callbacks argument is a list of callback functions. Unless all functions has been called before ert-async-timeout seconds, the test fails.

An example. When the function async-call callbacks, the functions done-1 and done-2 are called.

(ert-deftest-async my-async-test (done-1 done-2)
  (async-call-1 done-1)
  (async-call-2 done-2))

Note that if a callback function is called with a string as argument, the test will fail with that error string. So if the function async-call above callbacks with an argument, the test would have to be written as:

(ert-deftest-async my-async-test (done-1 done-2)
  (async-call-1 (lambda () (funcall done-1)))
  (async-call-2 (lambda () (funcall done-2))))

Passing a string as argument to a callback function can be useful when you don't want a function to callback, for example:

(ert-deftest-async my-async-test (done)
   (lambda ()
     (funcall done "should not callback, but did")))
  (funcall done))


Contribution is much welcome!

Install Cask if you haven't already, then:

$ cd /path/to/ert-async.el
$ cask

Run all tests with:

$ make