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Ert-runner is a tool for Emacs projects tested using Ert. It assumes a certain test structure setup and can therefore make running tests easier.


Add ert-runner to your Cask file:

(depends-on "ert-runner")


View usage information:

$ cask exec ert-runner help

Create new test directory and files:

$ cask exec ert-runner init

Run all tests:

$ cask exec ert-runner

Run specific tests:

$ cask exec ert-runner test/foo-test.el test/bar-test.el

Run test whose name matches a pattern:

$ cask exec ert-runner -p pattern

Load custom files before running tests:

$ cask exec ert-runner -l test/custom.el

Run all tests whose name matches emacs-23-only and load ert.el from vendor since it's not included in Emacs-23:

$ cask exec ert-runner -p emacs-23-only -l vendor/ert.el

Run all tests which are tagged emacs-23-only or all-emacsen:

$ cask exec ert-runner -t emacs-23-only,all-emacsen

Run all tests which are not tagged emacs-24-only:

$ cask exec ert-runner -t !emacs-24-only

Run all tests, whose name matches request, and which are tagged fast or important, but not network:

$ cask exec ert-runner -p request -t fast,important -t !network

Run in “no win” mode:

$ cask exec ert-runner --no-win


You can add a .ert-runner file (one option per row) with options you always want to include, for example:

-l test/ert-loader.el

Projects using


Contribution is much welcome!

Install cask if you haven't already, then:

$ cd /path/to/ert-runner.el
$ cask

Run all tests with:

$ make