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autojump command for Eshell

License GPL3 MELPA MELPA Stable

Use the command j to list common directories and to jump to them.

Function Documentation


Read the initial value of ‘eshell-autojump-map’ from ‘eshell-autojump-file’. The file format is a simple alist. Ignore non-directories.


Save the value of ‘eshell-autojump-map’ to ‘eshell-autojump-file’. The file format is a simple alist. Reduce values by 1% such that eventually unused items fall off the list after not being used in a hundred sessions.


Record the current directory. ‘curdir’ is set by ‘eshell/cd’.


Return the most popular directories. Return list of keys sorted by value, descending, from ‘eshell-autojump-map’.

(eshell/j &rest ARGS)

Jump to a directory you often cd to. This compares the argument with the list of directories you usually jump to. Without an argument, list the ten most common directories. With a positive integer argument, list the n most common directories. Otherwise, call ‘eshell/cd’ with the result.


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