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Manipulate sqlite file from Emacs


Stream API

Staying permanently as a stream. Programmer can manage the stream as you like with using following API:

[Function] esqlite-stream-open

[Function] esqlite-stream-read, esqlite-stream-read-top, esqlite-stream-read-atom, esqlite-stream-read-list

[Function] esqlite-stream-close


(setq my-stream (esqlite-stream-open "database.sqlite"))
    (esqlite-stream-read my-stream "SELECT * FROM hoge")
  (esqlite-stream-close my-stream))

Sync Read API

Respond as list or string from synchronous process.

[Function] esqlite-read, esqlite-read-top, esqlite-read-atom, esqlite-read-list

(esqlite-read "database.sqlite" "SELECT * FROM hoge")

⇒ ((“a” “b”) (“c” “d”))

Async Read API

Respond as csv line from async subprocess, each time result is arrived from process.


(esqlite-async-read "database.sqlite" "SELECT * FROM hoge"
   (lambda (data) (message "%s" (mapcocnat 'identity data ", "))))

Read DB schema

[Function] esqlite-read-all-objects, esqlite-read-views, esqlite-read-tables, esqlite-read-indexes, esqlite-read-triggers

[Function] esqlite-read-table-schema, esqlite-read-table-columns

Read database schema as a list

Here is a firefox “places.sqlite” sample db:

(esqlite-read-tables "places.sqlite")

⇒ (“moz_anno_attributes” “moz_annos” “moz_bookmarks” “moz_bookmarks_roots” “moz_favicons” “moz_historyvisits” “moz_inputhistory” “moz_items_annos” “moz_keywords” “moz_places” “sqlite_sequence” “sqlite_stat1”)


⇒ ((0 “id” “INTEGER” nil :null t) (1 “name” “VARCHAR(32)” t :null nil))

Construct SQL

[Function] esqlite-format-value

The most convenient function to encode Emacs object to SQL.

(esqlite-format-value "a")

⇒ “‘a’”

(esqlite-format-value 1)

⇒ “1”

(esqlite-format-value '(1 2 3))

⇒ “1, 2, 3”

(esqlite-format-value '("a" "b"))

⇒ “‘a’, ‘b’”

[Function] esqlite-prepare

(let ((type "table"))
     "SELECT name "
     " FROM sqlite_master "
     " WHERE 1 = 1 "
     ,@(and type
            `(" AND type = %T{type}")))
   :type type))

[Function] esqlite-format-text

(esqlite-format-text "a'b")

⇒ “‘a’‘b’”

[Function] esqlite-format-blob

(esqlite-format-blob "a\00b")

⇒ “x‘610062’”

[Function] esqlite-escape-string

(esqlite-escape-string  "a'b")

⇒ “a''b”

[Function] esqlite-escape-like

(esqlite-escape-like "F%OO_" ?\\)

⇒ “F\%OO\_”


To construct helm source from sqlite database.

[Function] esqlite-helm-define

URI filenames

[Function] esqlite-filename-to-uri Convert local filename to sqlite URI filenames