git clone 'git://github.com/gridaphobe/evil-god-state.git'

Evil God State

This is an evil-mode state for using god-mode.

It provides a command evil-execute-in-god-state that switches to god-mode for the next command. I bind it to ,

(evil-define-key 'normal global-map "," 'evil-execute-in-god-state)

for an automatically-configured leader key.

Since evil-god-state includes an indicator in the mode-line, you may want to use diminish to keep your mode-line uncluttered, e.g.

(add-hook 'evil-god-state-entry-hook (lambda () (diminish 'god-local-mode)))
(add-hook 'evil-god-state-exit-hook (lambda () (diminish-undo 'god-local-mode)))

It's handy to be able to abort a `evil-god-state' command. The following will make the key unconditionally exit evil-god-state.

(evil-define-key 'god global-map [escape] 'evil-god-state-bail)