git clone 'git://'

Emacs extension for often-used git commands

gitty is a very small extension to vc-mode to make common git commands easier to access than in the normal environment. The idea is that you do most interaction with git using the command line or magit, but some often-used commands are accessible easily.

C-x v b is the main new command. It prompts for an existing branch with tab completion enabled and checks that out. If the entered branch does not exist, it prompts if it should be created. This makes switching between branches for quick feature branches much easier than with vc-mode.

gitty also provides quick keys to stash save and stash pop in the current repository, and to see the current status.

For more information, see the docstring for the command gitty-mode.

Note, though, that gitty does override some vc-mode keybindings that are less useful for git.


If you have package.el configured to use marmalade, the following works:

M-x package-install RET gitty RET

Otherwise, just put the gitty.el file somewhere in your load-path and add (require 'gitty) to your .emacs file.

Either way, you can use this mode by simply adding this to your .emacs: