git clone 'git://github.com/abo-abo/helm-j-cheatsheet.git'


This package provides a helm version of J Vocabulary.

The candidates are grouped by parts of speech: adverbs, conjunctions, verbs, and others. They're also arranged into a table with four columns:

  1. Word itself.
  2. Its monadic name, if applicable.
  3. Its dyadic name, if applicable. " is used if it's the same as monadic name.
  4. Its alternate documentation page name if it has one.


First you select a command by either name, e.g. with +: or Double or Not Or.

Next, you can:

  1. Stop with C-g, since you just wanted to see which name corresponds to what, or to see to which part of speech the candidate belongs to.

  2. Select one of the 3 actions: “Show 1st doc”, “Insert” or “Show 2nd doc”. The corresponding default helm shortcuts are RET, C-e and C-j.

Most of the words don't have a 2nd doc (you can see this in the fourth column), and 1st doc will be brought up if you press C-j and 2nd isn't available.


Here's the initial table (C-t is pressed to make it taller):


Here are the candidates for input po:



You can customize with M-x customize-group RET helm-j-cheatsheet RET.

Besides the faces, you can set the custom jc-make-insert-primary to t, which results in “Insert” being the first action, instead of “Show 1st doc”. This is more convenient if you want to insert words by English name while coding.