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What is it ?

init-loader.el is a loader of configuration files. init-loader.el loads configuration files from specified directory. It enables you to categorize your configurations and separate them into multiple files.

The original code is here. The current version of init-loader.el is based on tarao's fork version, which have some issues fixed and some essential features added compared with the original one.

Sample code

You only have to call init-loader-load with a directory where your configuration files are located.

(require 'init-loader)

;; Load configuration files in '/path/to/init-directory'.
(init-loader-load "/path/to/init-directory")

;; If you omit arguments, then `init-loader-directory' is used


Files to be loaded

Note that not all files in the directory are loaded. Each file is examined that if it is a .el or .elc file and, it has a valid name specified by init-loader-default-regexp or it is a platform specific configuration file.

By default, valid names of configuration files start with two digits. For example, the following file names are all valid: - 00_util.el - 01_ik-cmd.el - 21_javascript.el - 99_global-keys.el

Files are loaded in the lexicographical order. This helps you to resolve dependency of the configurations.

A platform specific configuration file has a prefix corresponds to the platform. The following is the list of prefixes and platform specific configuration files are loaded in the listed order after non-platform specific configuration files.

Platform | Subplatform | Prefix | Example ———|——————–|—————-|—————————– Windows | | windows- | windows-fonts.el | Meadow | meadow- | meadow-commands.el Mac OS X | Carbon Emacs | carbon-emacs-| carbon-emacs-applescript.el | Cocoa Emacs | cocoa-emacs- | cocoa-emacs-plist.el GNU/Linux| | linux- | linux-commands.el All | Non-window system | nw- | nw-key.el


If init-loader-byte-compile is non-nil, each configuration file is byte-compiled when it is loaded. If you modify the .el file, then it is recompiled next time it is loaded.


Loaded files and errors during the loading process are recorded. If init-loader-show-log-after-init is non-nil, the record is shown after the overall loading process. You can do this manually by M-x init-loader-show-log.



init-loader-load (&optional INIT-DIR)

Function to load configuration files in INIT-DIR.

init-loader-show-log ()

Interactive command to show log messages.


init-loader-directory : directory (default: "~/.emacs.d/inits")

Default directory of configuration files.

init-loader-show-log-after-init : boolean (default: t)

Show log message after initializing if this value is t. If this value is error-only, log buffer is shown only errors occured.

init-loader-byte-compile : boolean (default: nil)

Byte-compile configuration files if this value is non-nil.



Abnormal hook run before byte-compiling a configuration file when init-loader-byte-compile is non-nil. Each function in the hook takes one argument, which is the name of the configuration file to be loaded.