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A C/C++ minor mode powered by libclang

irony-mode is an Emacs minor-mode that aims at improving the editing experience for the C, C++ and Objective-C languages. It works by using a combination of an Emacs package and a C++ program (irony-server) that uses libclang.



Elisp dependencies

These dependencies will be installed automatically when using the standard installation procedure described below.

| Package | Comment | | ——————– | ——————————————————————————– | | cl-lib | Built-in since Emacs 24.3 | | json | Built-in since Emacs 23.1 | | YASnippet | Optional. May be used to provide post-completion expansion of function arguments |

Irony-Server prerequisites

irony-server provides the libclang interface to irony-mode. It uses a simple protocol based on S-expression. This server, written in C++ and requires the following packages to be installed on your system:


The recommended way to install irony-mode and its dependencies is to use a package manager.


~~~el (add-hook 'c++-mode-hook 'irony-mode) (add-hook 'c-mode-hook 'irony-mode) (add-hook 'objc-mode-hook 'irony-mode)

;; replace the completion-at-point' andcomplete-symbol' bindings in ;; irony-mode's buffers by irony-mode's function (defun my-irony-mode-hook () (define-key irony-mode-map [remap completion-at-point] 'irony-completion-at-point-async) (define-key irony-mode-map [remap complete-symbol] 'irony-completion-at-point-async)) (add-hook 'irony-mode-hook 'my-irony-mode-hook) (add-hook 'irony-mode-hook 'irony-cdb-autosetup-compile-options) ~~~

Windows considerations

irony-mode should work fine on Windows but there are some things to take care of first.


On the first run, irony-mode will ask you to build and install irony-server. To do so, type M-x irony-install-server RET.

To tune irony-mode, use customize:

M-x customize-group RET irony RET

In order to provide context sensitive and accurate information, irony-mode needs to know about the compiler flags used to parse the current buffer. The best way to achieve this is to use a Compilation Database.

Compilation Database

In order to work correctly, irony-mode needs to know the compile flags. irony-cdb aims to provide as automatic as possible compile flags discovery, with minimal user input.

Please refer to irony-cdb-autosetup-compile-options and irony-cdb-compilation-databases.

Right now irony-cdb supports the following compilation databases:


It's slow, why?

A bug in old version of Clang (at least ‘3.1-8’) caused the completion to fail on the standard library types. To eliminate this bug an optimisation has been disabled in the parsing of a translation unit. This result in a slower parsing.

This only affect old versions of Clang (< 3.2), it is suggested to update your libclang installation if you want to take advantage of the optimizations. cannot open shared object file…

Compiling irony-server succeed but you have the following message when you try to run the irony-server executable:

'irony-server: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

When libclang is installed in a non-standard location (one that is missing from the path list of the dynamic loader, see you can tell CMake to use the rpath when installing the target irony-server. To enable rpath in CMake use the following command: