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jasminejs-mode helps you manipulate and edit Jasmine test files.



This mode is a minor mode. Usually you want to use it along side another mode like js2-mode or js3-mode. To use it along side js2-mode, simply add a hook.

(add-hook 'js2-mode-hook (lambda () (jasminejs-mode)))

You can now have this mode wherever you use js2-mode.


All keybindings in jasminejs-mode start with C-c C-j and then a two-letter mnemonic shortcut. You can customize jasminejs-prefix-key to change the prefix key.

If you would prefer not to customize jasminejs-prefix-key you can add a new prefix key yourself. Personally, I prefer C-c j.

(add-hook 'jasminejs-mode-hook (lambda ()
  (local-set-key (kbd "C-c j") 'jasminejs-prefix-map)))


Writing tests is nice when its easy. Make it easier by typing less.

Below are some snippets that can be loaded.

To load snippets you should load them after yasnippet is loaded and in the after hook.

For example,

(add-hook 'jasminejs-mode-hook (lambda () (jasminejs-add-snippets-to-yas-snippet-dirs)))

The function jasminejs-add-snippets-to-yas-snippet-dirs will declare jasminejs-mode as a mode that can load snippets and loads the default set of snippets for you.

| key | description | | ——– | ————————————- | | afte | afterEach(...) | | befe | beforeEach(...) | | desc | describe(...) | | ex | expect(...) | | expb | expect(...).toBe(...) | | expc | expect(...).toHaveBeenCalled() | | expcw | expect(...).toHaveBeenCalledWith(...) | | expe | expect(...).toEqual(...) | | expf | expect(...).toBeFalsy() | | expt | expect(...).toBeTruthy() | | it | it(...) |


Intstall the dependencies with cask

cask install

Run the tests with:

$ cask exec ecukes

Special Thanks

I'd like to thank Magnars for creating such great modes for Emacs. The basis of this mode was inspired by his busterjs-mode.x