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A simple emacs extension to display the current build status of jenkins/hudson on the modeline. jenkins-watch is installable through marmalade:


  1. Install jenkins-watch through M-x list-packages (using marmalade or melpa repos) or download and place in directory in your load-path.

  2. Add (require 'jenkins-watch) to your .emacs files. Restart emacs or evalute with M-: (require 'jenkins-watch)

Note that if you've installed jenkins-watch with list-packages, you'll need to do the require in the 'after-init-hook, e.g.:

(add-hook 'after-init-hook 
          (lambda () (require 'jenkins-watch)))
  1. Run M-x customize-group jenkins-watch, and enter the API url for your jenkins server as the “Jenkins Api Url”. Alternatively, just add (setq jenkins-api-url “http://jenkins/job/project/api/xml”) to your .emacs.

  2. Run M-x jenkins-watch-start. At any time, M-x jenkins-watch-stop will stop it. Add (jenkins-watch-start) to your .emacs to start it automatically.