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An Emacs library for launching files and directories using the associated applications provided by your operating system.

If you're like me, you love using Emacs for all of your text management needs. But sometimes, there are documents that you'd like to open with other programs.

For instance, you might want to launch your file manager to look at pretty thumbnails in the current directory. Or you're editing HTML and want to launch your document in the system's web browser.

Launch makes it easy to do this by using your OS's built-in file-associations to launch the appropriate program for a particular file.


Launch is available from MELPA. Just run M-x package-install and install launch.

Then, in your ~/.emacs configuration, add:

(global-launch-mode +1)

If you only want to enable it for certain modes, add:

(add-to-hook 'html-mode 'turn-on-launch-mode)


With a buffer open to a file, launch it with C-c ! !. Or, to open the file manager for the current directory, use C-c ! d. Try it with ido-everywhere turned on.

Inside special buffers like dired or vc-dir, launch marked files using C-c ! !. To just launch the default directory itself, use C-c ! d.

Change Log

Changes from 1.0 to 1.1:


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