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display relative line number in emacs.


linum-relative lets you display relative line numbers for current buffer.


If you have melpa and emacs24 installed, simply type:

M-x package-install linum-relative

And add the following to your .emacs

(require 'linum-relative)

Setup & Tips

The non-interactive function linum-on (which should already be built into recent GNU Emacs distributions), turns on side-bar line numbering:


and alternatively, by enabling linum-mode:

M-x linum-mode

Relative line numbering should already be enabled by default (by installing this package), following linum-on or enabling linum-mode. One can also use the lineum-relative-toggle interactive function to switch between relative and non-relative line numbering:

M-x linum-relative-toggle

Function Documentation


Toggle between linum-relative and linum.


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