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Additional functions for Emacs [markdown-mode]. Default support for [pandoc]. Much of the functionality is tailored to OS X, with the end goal to extend markdown-mode in useful ways for all platforms.


markdown-cleanup-list-numbers : Renumber the numbered lists in the current Markdown document.

markdown-export-latex : Export the document to [LaTeX].

markdown-copy-html : Render the Markdown as HTML, using the program specified by markdown-command, and copy it by piping it to markdown-copy-command.

markdown-copy-paste-html OS X Only : By default, generates HTML, copies to clipboard, changes to previous application, and pastes. If a file with the current buffer name followed by .meta exists, the command reads the first line and changes to that application. Allows use of the HTML as Markdown in Emacs.applescript which automatically generates this meta file.

markdown-copy-rtf : Generates RTF from Markdown using the markdown-rtf-command and copies to the clipboard.


markdown-copy-command : Command that takes data as input and copies it to the clipboard.

markdown-rtf-command : Command to generate RTF from Markdown

markdown-latex-export-command : Command to export Markdown to LaTeX, destination filename is appended and is either the basename – without extension – with .tex appended.

markdown-mode: pandoc: