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Metascript Mode Build Status MELPA

A Metascript language mode for Emacs.



  1. syntax highlighting with support for nice rendering of lambdas and other constructs
  2. flymake integration for checking compilation errors as you type (requires mjs-check as a dev dependency)
  3. simple auto indentation
  4. code evaluation and a repl
  5. npm test integration with stack trace navigation

Keyboard shortcuts

Metascript buffer

Keyboard shortcut | Description ——————————-|——————————- C-M-f | Move to the next block. C-M-b | Move to the previous block. C-M-Space | Mark the next block. C-c, | Run the tests. C-c M-j | Launch or activate the REPL. C-M-x | Evaluate active region. Definitions become available in the REPL.

Test results buffer

Usual compilation-minor-mode shortcuts.


Available from MELPA.

M-x package-install <ENTER> metascript-mode


M-x customize-group metascript

Have fun!