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mysql2sqlite is an emacs package for converting a mysql database into an sqlite database.


The package can be installed with M-x package-list-packages (requires package.el, which is included for emacs 24 but availble for 23). The MELPA repository must be added to your packages setup first. Instructions can be found at

Alternatively, the source can be pulled direclty from github:


There are some customizable options:

mysql2sqlite-sqlite-executable - The sqlite executable to run. mysql2sqlite-mysqldump-executable - The mysqldump executable to run. mysql2sqlite-mysqldump-host - The default host to connect to with mysqldump. mysql2sqlite-mysqldump-user - The default user to use to connect to mysqldump. mysql2sqlite-mysqldump-database - The default database to convert


Usage is as simple as running M-x mysql2sqlite. You will be prompted for the necessary values, with the customized defaults as default values. Running the function will result in several files in the target directory:

.sql - The actual SQL file generated via mysqldump. .db - The generated sqlite database. .err - The output of the conversion process.

mysql2sqlite is written and maintained by Brian Zwahr