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Network clipboard for Emacs which makes possible to use your local clipboard even when you are running Emacs inside terminal on remote server.

When enabled, it will use remote HTTP server to fetch and update clipboard content. Included HTTP server nclip.rb supports OSX (pbcopy/pbpaste) but it should be pretty straightforward to support other systems as well (e.g. Linux using xclip).


Run nclip.rb on your local machine. Setup SSH port forwarding so that when you SSH to remote server it will forward 2547 port on remote server over SSH to

From command line: ssh -R 2547: some-server

Or you can use ~/.ssh/config: Host some-server RemoteForward


NCLIP uses plain HTTP server which listens on localhost port 2547 so anyone on the same host can send HTTP requests to it. GET request will return content of your clipboard and POST request will update it's content.

To protect your clipboard data when using NCLIP on hosts shared by more people, NCLIP provides simple token authorization. In order to use it, you put some secret string into NCLIP_AUTH_TOKEN environment variable before running nclip.rb and Emacs. NCLIP will then use this token to authorize all clipboard requests.

If you don't run Emacs on shared hosts you can skip this step and NCLIP will use default token.