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Emacs notmuch-labeler

notmuch-labeler improves notmuch way of displaying labels through fonts, pictures, and hyperlinks.

By default notmuch presents email labels as plain text. This package improves notmuch by lettings users choose how to present each label (e.g., with a special font, with a picture, …). Additionally, this package transforms each label into an hyperlink to show all emails with this label.

notmuch-labeler in a notmuch-search buffer

notmuch-labeler in a notmuch-show buffer

Installation and configuration

This package is available through the Emacs packaging system in the Marmalade repository.

To configure this package, add the following to your init file:

(require 'notmuch-labeler)

Then, you will get hyperlinks on all your labels.

Then, to rename the label “unread” to “new” and change the label's color to blue, add the following to your init file:

(notmuch-labeler-rename "unread" "new" ':foreground "blue")

You can replace the label “important” by a tag picture with the following:

(notmuch-labeler-image-tag "important")

You can also use your own picture with the following:

(notmuch-labeler-image "important" "/path/to/picture.svg" 'svg)

Finally, you can hide the label “unread” with this code:

(notmuch-labeler-hide "unread")