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A leiningen plugin to enable syncing an existing Clojure REPL to the current leiningen project using pomegranate.

Sometimes, when you do not control the launch of the JVM which is running your REPL. This might be because the JVM was launched some time ago, or for instance, because you are running a Clojure REPL inside an application with a complex launch procedure. One solution is to reach for pomegranate which allows you to dynamically expand the classpath or to add Maven dependencies; you can add pomegranate to the classpath of the JVM which launches the REPL once, then do what ever you want later.

This is okay as a quick fix, but if you need to do this often, it's painful. What you really want to do is create a new leiningen project, and add all of the tools and scripts that you use regularly to this. lein-sync is for this purpose; it generates a file .sync.clj which when evaled in the REPL will sync dependencies and classpaths to those of the current project.


lein-sync was originally developed for use with protege-nrepl and tawny-owl, although is independent of either.


To generate the appropriate .sync.clj

$ lein sync

At the repl, type

user> (load-file "~/my_project/.sync.clj")

If you are using Emacs and nrepl.el then nrepl-sync.el will start your nrepl and sync it for you. To use add (require 'nrepl-sync) to your .emacs.


Put [lein-sync "0.3] into the :plugins vector of your :user profile.





Copyright 2013, 2014 Phillip Lord, Newcastle University

The leiningen code (written in Clojure) is licensed under LGPL3. Please see COPYING.lesser for details.

The Emacs associated code is licensed under GPL3. Please see COPYING for details.