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Org Dashboard provides a visual summary of progress on projects and tasks.

For example, if an org file (known by org-agenda-files) contains the following:

* Project: Better Health
:CATEGORY: health
** Milestones
*** [66%] run 10 km/week
**** TODO learn proper warmup
**** DONE look for a jogging partner
**** DONE run 10 minutes on monday

* Project: Super Widget
:CATEGORY: widget
** Milestones
*** [1/6] release 0.1
**** DONE git import
**** TODO create github project
**** TODO add readme
**** TODO publish

Then M-x org-dashboard-display generates the following report and displays it in a new buffer:

health                run 10 km/week [██████████████████████           ]  66%
widget                   0.1 release [██████                           ]  18%

A dynamic block form is also supported. Writing the following in an org file and then running org-dblock-update, or placing the cursor on the first line of the block and then typing C-c C-c, will insert the same report shown above into the block:

#+BEGIN: block-dashboard


Labels link back to the trees where they were found.

The color of the progress bar is (naively, for now) chosen based on the progress value, from dark red to bright green.

The first column displays categories. You can turn this off by customizing the org-dashboard-display-category option. Note that, if not set per-tree through a property or per-file through a keyword, the category defaults to the file name without extension.

Related work

This module was inspired by Zach Peter's A Dashboard for your Life.