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This Emacs library provides a global mode which displays ugly form feed characters as tidy horizontal rules.


page-break-lines screenshot


If you choose not to use one of the convenient packages in Melpa and Marmalade, you'll need to add the directory containing page-break-lines.el to your load-path, and then (require 'page-break-lines).


Enable page-break-lines-mode in an individual buffer like this:


Alternatively, customize page-break-lines-modes and enable the mode globally with global-page-break-lines-mode.

Issues and limitations

If page-break-lines-char is displayed at a different width to regular characters, the rule may be either too short or too long: rules may then wrap if truncate-lines is nil. On some systems, Emacs may erroneously choose a different font for the page break symbol, which choice can be overridden using code such as:

(set-fontset-font "fontset-default"
                  (cons page-break-lines-char page-break-lines-char)
                  (face-attribute 'default :family))

Use describe-char on a page break char to determine whether this is the case.

Also see Vasilij Schneidermann's form-feed package, which works using font-lock instead of glyph composition, and therefore has different display trade-offs.

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