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Generate passwords inside Emacs

This package provides simple functions to create passwords and insert them inside buffer immediately. I've tried to cover most common cases of passwords.

Simple usage:

M-x password-generator-simple - generate 8 characters password valid for almost all websites. Like: J9l1Ekw2

M-x password-generator-strong - generate 12 characters password with some special characters. THis type of password is valid for most of websites, and also will not hurt you if you will pass it to via shell script or so. Like: DSSAxnF@SyL,

M-x password-generator-paranoid - generate 20 characters password for paranoids, who does not afraid of those create-password-with-specaial-characters-no-dumbass-not-that-special-characters! sites. Like: y2%c74r>_2cLgGC,$Q)_

M-x password-generator-phonetic - generate 8 characters password, which most of us can simple remember. Like: pa4zi3go or za3hi2de or ke5ho7pe

M-x password-generator-numeric - generate 4 digits password.

Changing password length:

C-u 10 A-x password-generator-numeric - generate 10 digits password. C-u 32 A-x password-generator-paranoid - generate 32 characters password with specail symbols. etc.

Generate password but do not insert it:

(password-generator-strong 10 t) - will return 10 characters length password.

Please star the repo if you find this package useful