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What's this?

This is a extension of Emacs that provide navigation like the Vimperator/Keysnail Hint Mode of Firfox.

Do you know Vimperator/Keysnail of Firefox Addon?
If you don't know it, see a screenshot below.


The hints that has a alphabet code are shown when you push a “f” key on Firefox like above.
Then, if you push the alphabet, you can jump the linked URL.

This extension provides same interface on Emacs.


Show the simplest using way.
If some buffer is opened like the following.


If you execute the command that are provided by this extension, the buffer is like the following.


If you push the shown alphabet, cursol is moved to the point like the following.
The following is in the case that pushed “yj”. Large alphabet is shown, but inputing small alphabet is OK.




This extension provides the following interface.
1. show the pop-up hints SOMEWHERE on any window. 2. do ACTION to the point and text that is selected by user.

You can add or change the SOMEWHERE and ACTION by definition SOURCE.
SOURCE is Alist which has structure like anything-source-... of anything.el or ac-source-... of auto-complete.el.

if you have a idea about ACTION that are avilable for any SOURCE,
you can define the ACTION for using anytime particularly.
For example, I think moving cursol to the point and copying the text are fit into the ACTION.

Some sources and actions are defined already in pophint-config.el.
For detail, see pophint-config.el section below.

Switch source quickly

If you execute the command that handle multiple source, the message is shown in minibuffer like the following.


Then, you can switch a used source by pushing a “s” key.
And, you can customize the key binding.

Show the pop-up hints on other window

If you execute the command that show the pop-up hint in the situation that a frame has some windows,
the message is shown in minibuffer like the following.


Then, you can switch a target window by pushing a “w” key.
And, you can customize the key binding.

Various Functions for user

The above feature is not concrete about what the user will can do.
About it, see https://github.com/aki2o/emacs-pophint/wiki


If use package.el

2013/07/19 It's available by using melpa.

If use el-get.el

2013/05/01 Now during an application for registration in el-get.
2013/06/30 But, not yet regist.
2013/07/26 It's available. But, master branch only.

If use auto-install.el

(auto-install-from-url "https://raw.github.com/aki2o/emacs-pophint/master/pophint.el")
(auto-install-from-url "https://raw.github.com/aki2o/emacs-pophint/master/pophint-config.el")


Download pophint.el and put it on your load-path.
- In this case, you need to install each of the following dependency.



About Sample, see https://github.com/aki2o/emacs-pophint/wiki/ConfigExample.
For more information, see Configuration section in https://github.com/aki2o/emacs-pophint/wiki.

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