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projectile + speedbar

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This package sits on top of speedbar and projectile and provides an easy to use and useful integration between the two.

With this package when you switch between projects that work with projectile, speedbar will automatically show the directly listing of that project as well as expand the tree to show the file in the project.


Features that are be required by this library: speedbar sr-speedbar projectile


Copy speedbar-projectile.el to your load-path and add this to ~/.emacs

(require 'projectile-speedbar)

To invoke this function manually:



Sometimes, when I am deep in a project tree, I like to use this shortcut to see full context:

(global-set-key (kbd "M-<f2>") 'projectile-speedbar-open-current-buffer-in-tree)

You can also disable the feature completely:

(setq projectile-speedbar-projectile-speedbar-enable nil)