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pyvenv.el, Python virtual environment support for Emacs

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This is a simple global minor mode which will replicate the changes done by virtualenv activation inside Emacs.

The main entry points are pyvenv-activate, which queries the user for a virtual environment directory to activate, and pyvenv-workon, which queries for a virtual environment in $WORKON_HOME (from

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virtualenv.el is the original virtualenv implementation for Emacs. I used it for a long time, but didn’t like some of the design decisions.

For example, it does not modify process-environment so does not set a virtual environment for M-x compile and other external processes. Also, M-x virtualenv-workon requires a prefix argument to actually change the current virtual environment. And it does not support virtualenvwrapper’s hooks, which I use to set up a working environment.

All in all, too much magic for too little gain. So I figured I’d write my own. Still, it’s an excellent package and I’m very grateful to have used it for a long time.