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Quickly record notes for yourself, which can then be displayed back to you in the echo area on demand. Notes are organized by topic, and relevant notes are typically deduced for you based on context. If your current major-mode, any of its parents, or any active minor mode is the name of a topic, those notes will be considered relevant and displayed to you.

I use this as an easy way to remind myself of that fancy-new-keybinding I found last week but can't ever remember when I need it:

Example screenshot


Use MELPA: M-x package-install quickref.

Load it, enable it globally:

~~~ scheme (require 'quickref) (quickref-global-mode +1) ~~~

By default, all actions will be available beneath the prefix C-c q. You can change this easily:

~~~ scheme (setq quickref-command-prefix (kbd “C-M-q”)) (quickref-global-mode +1) ~~~

Your quickref entries are stored in the file named by quickref-save-file, which defaults to <user-emacs-directory>/quickrefs. It's probably useful to keep this file in source control; I do, anyway.


  1. Guess relevant topics and display their notes in the echo area: C-c q e
  2. Prompt for a topic and display its notes: C-u C-c q e
  3. Display notes in a short window at the bottom of the selected window: C-c q w
  4. Dismiss that window: C-c q 0
  5. Add a note: C-c q a
  6. Delete a note: C-c q d
  7. Save your quickrefs to disk: C-c q C-s
  8. Reload your quickrefs from disk: C-c q C-l