git clone 'git://github.com/nicferrier/rcirc-notify.git'


rcirc-notify adds notification support to the Emacs IRC client rcirc.


It's best to install rcirc-notify via marmalade.

Alternately you can copy the file to your load path and (require 'rcirc-notify).

rcirc-notify supports the following notification utilities, ensure that one of them is installed:


First of all test that you have a notification application set up properly:

  M-x rcirc-notify-page-test

If that displayed a notification you're ready to configure things. If not stop here and make sure you have one of the supported notification utilities installed!

The next step is to add the rcirc-notify hooks, execute this:

 M-x rcirc-notify-add-hooks

You're done! If you want to customize things further the following customization variables are available:

| Name | Description | Default | | —————————— | —————————————————————————————- | ———————————– | | rcirc-notify-message | Format of the notification string to display when someone mentions your name / keywords. | “%s mentioned you: %s” | | rcirc-notify-keywords | List of keywords that will trigger a notification in rcirc. | nil | | rcirc-notify-keyword | Format of the notification string to display when someone mentions a keyword. | “%s mentioned the keyword ‘%s’: %s” | | rcirc-notify-message-private | Format of the notification string to display when someone sends you a private message | “%s sent a private message: %s” | | rcirc-notify-popup-timeout | Number of seconds to display the notification popup for. | 8640000 | | rcirc-notify-timeout | Seconds between notifications from the same user, avoids being spammed by one person. | 60 |

Additionally there is one hook rcirc-notify-page-me-hooks that can be used to perform something else on notification, for example playing a sound:

  ; Play a sound file on notification (using afplay, a program included with Mac OS)
  (add-hook 'rcirc-notify-page-me-hooks
     (lambda (msg)
       (start-process "beep-process" nil "afplay" "~/some-sound-file..m4a")))

Do I have to run rcirc-notify-add-hooks every time?

No. rcirc-notify-add-hooks adds rcirc-notify to your rcirc hooks. So when rcirc runs it will automatically load rcirc-notify.

Multiple versions?

You can find rcirc-notify on the EmacsWiki. The version in mamalade is derived from here.