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The rationale for this package is that it can be nice to have a somewhat obscure motion function that you call by name, or by a longer-than-normal key sequence. But it would be nice to be able to repeat the function again with a single key. So here's how it works:

(require 'repeatable-motion)

;; The following will define the function "repeatable-motion-forward-foo",
;; which will be the same as forward-foo, but will set it to be repeated.
(repeatable-motion-define 'forward-foo 'backward-foo)
;; keyword arguments:
;; :repeat (in case you want a different
;;     function to be repeated, eg. repeat-isearch)
;; :inclusive (whether the motion should be treated as inclusive by evil-mode)

;; This will define two functions: repeatable-motion-fwd-foo and repeatable-motion-bkwd-foo.
;; Useful for simple motions that have opposites.
(define-repeatable-pair 'fwd-foo 'bkwd-foo)

After the above, you can run M-x repeatable-fwd-foo to go forword. Then run M-x repeatable-motion-forward or M-x repeatable-motion-backward to repeat as much as you want. If the original call to the repeatable motion had a prefix argument, the repeats use the same one unless another one is given (except 1…).

Some common motions that I know have repeatable versions defined if the original ones are defined. But I don't want to do any re-binds to not change peoples' workflows without their intervention. If you think this is not a good idea, I might be convinced to change that.

Use cases

If you are an Evil user, I recommend binding repeatable-motion-forward and backward to the keys you would otherwise use for evil-repeat-find-char and evil-repeat-find-char-reverse (probably ; and ,). I find that while I want to use evil-repeat-search with other motions in between, but I only repeat a find-char if I didn't get to the one I wanted first.

Personally, I have in my evil-normal-state two keys bound to prefix commands which are full of motions (forward for one, and backward for the other). I try not to use forward-char and use more efficient motions, but on occasion it is easier to simply repeat forward-char. This lets me lose the single-key binding to forward-char and just use a two-key binding, but then repeat it (or anything else) with a single key.


Requires emacs version 24. Install through Melpa or clone the repo on your load path and (require 'repeatable-motion).