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Scala outline popup MELPA Stable MELPA

Opens a popup window containing classes, objects, types, defs and implicit vals from active scala file. Keeps indentation of all the items. List is filterable. Enter on an item jumps to it's position in file.

outline screenshot


From melpa.

M-x scala-outline-popup


If you assign scala-outline-popup command a hotkey (ex., C-e), you may wan't same key to close the popup. This can be done by adding the key to popup-isearch-keymap:

(require 'popup)

(define-key popup-isearch-keymap (kbd "C-e") 'popup-isearch-cancel)


Variable controls popup horizontal positioning. Possible values are:

(setq scala-outline-popup-position 'point)

Initial item selection

It's possible to have closest, previous or next definition selected, when you open the popup.

(setq scala-outline-popup-select 'closest) // 'next or 'prev

Fuzzy matching with flx

Fuzzy matching is enabled by default. Set (setq scala-outline-popup-use-flx nil) to disable it.