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Emacs Servant

Emacs Servant is an ELPA server written in Emacs Lisp.


Add servant to your Cask file:

(source melpa)

(depends-on "servant")


Start by initializing Servant for the project.

$ cask exec servant init

This will create a directory called servant. To serve packages, simply add .el or .tar files to the servant/packages directory.

If you have lots of packages and need to boost performance, build the index manually. If you don't, the index will be built automatically at runtime.

$ cask exec servant index

Then, start the server:

$ cask exec servant start

Each command described above can change the target directory with the --path option.

$ cask exec servant index --path /path/to

For more information:

$ cask exec servant help


Contribution is much welcome!

Install cask if you haven't already, then:

$ cd /path/to/servant.el
$ cask

Run all tests with:

$ make