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skewer-reload-stylesheets.el — live-edit CSS stylesheets.

This is free and unencumbered software released into the public domain.

Author: Nate Eagleson

Created: November 23, 2013

Package-Requires: ((skewer-mode “1.5.3”))

Version: 0.0.1


This minor mode provides live-editing of CSS stylesheets via skewer. skewer-css works for many cases, but if you're dealing with multiple stylesheets and involved cascading (a.k.a. “legacy code”), it isn't so useful. What you see while live-editing is not what you see when you refresh.

Enter this minor mode.

Start skewer (see its docs for how) then skewer the browser window you want to live-edit.

Next, open a CSS file used on the skewered page, and activate this mode. Make some edits then press C-x C-r. The stylesheet will be saved, and the browser will reload it from disk, by removing its link tag from the DOM then re-inserting it.

and there you are - cross-browser live-editing for arbitrarily complex stylesheets.

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